Design methods for strengthening social cohesion, and how service design help can transform the resiliency sector.


We published an article in Touchpoint, Volume 9, no. 2 Measuring Impact and Value. Our article is called, "Design Methods for Strengthening Social Cohesion." 

How can service design best measure the impact it achieves? This issue of Touchpoint tackles this challenge, "as service design must become more mature in justifying itself to decision-makers, both before and after it is applied. We hope the insights and methods in this issue help you answer that question, when you next sit down to plan or review a service design project." 

Abstract: Using a co-design process, we created a model for a new community-based service focused on disaster preparedness for NYC neighborhoods most impacted by climate change. The project is designed to bridge the gap between isolated, medically fragile residents and advanced care/services. Using this project as a case study, we explore opportunities for service designers to connect institutions and players at different scales across a vertical divide. We also explore concepts of interdependency and how to build and strengthen social cohesion while empowering community. We hope to provide a new lens on the service design co-creative process, bringing a much-needed social focus to the global resiliency conversation. Learn more and read the article.

We also attended the Service Design Network Global Conference in Madrid, in November 2017. The theme of the conference was delivering, "Service design at scale: Through continued practice, widespread capability building, and successful implementation of service strategy and execution, the face of organizations is changing to deliver great experiences for customers and employees, and business impact for the organizations that deliver them." Read more about the conference

Aran Baker